Practice Areas

Commercial and Contract Law, Corporate Law

Advising, negotiating and drafting contracts on all issues related to the foundation of companies, financing, production, and trade and distribution; supporting company successions; directing the external corporate legal department; advising on, negotiating and enforcing contractual claims; drafting standard terms and conditions (purchasing and sales terms and conditions); business acquisitions (M&A transactions), mergers and divisions, joint ventures and cooperation agreements; establishing subsidiaries and branch offices; organizational regulations, shareholders’ agreements; business succession solutions; restructurings and reorganizations of companies; MBO’s; assumption of seats on boards of directors, boards of trustees, executive boards and management boards; domiciliation at the Olten, Grenchen and Solothurn locations.

Notary Office

Foundation and restructuring of companies (stock companies, limited liability companies, partnerships, associations, foundations and cooperatives), amending articles of incorporation, capital stock increases and reductions, in-kind contribution and acquisition agreements; authentication of marital and inheritance agreements, advance care directives, wills; complex property-law appraisals and preliminary work; sureties, preliminary real-estate purchase agreements; certification of signatures and documents; authentication of the securing of evidence and facts.

Construction, Planning and Environmental Law

Advising and representing clients on all issues of private and public construction, planning and environmental law; Advising and representing clients on issues related to architectural law and the law of contracts for work and services; drafting and reviewing construction-specific contracts (full-service contractor, general contractor and engineer contracts, project contracts, consortium contracts, etc.); registering or defending against, as applicable, building contractor’s liens; issues related to construction guarantees, construction trusteeships; condominium ownership law.

Family, Inheritance and Property Law

Advising and representing clients on all matters related to family law (concubinage, betrothal, marriage, matrimonial property law, law of children, adoption, protection of the marital union and divorce); drafting marriage contracts, retirement and estate planning; inheritance law (wills, inheritance contracts, execution of wills, division of estates, estate administrations, estate liquidations); consulting on all issues related to ownership and possession of property.

Energy Law

Advising and representing clients in the areas of water law (in particular, the law of concessions) and electricity law.

Employment Law

Private and public employment law; consulting on matters of termination, continuation of wage payments, vacation, etc.; drafting and reviewing employment contracts, employment regulations, shift and working time models, collective employment agreements (CEA); hiring foreign labor forces, obtaining employment and residence permits, negotiating with government agencies; social security-related issues of employment law.

Tenancy Law

Advising and representing clients on all matters of tenancy law; drawing up residential and commercial rental agreements, providing support in connection with delivery and return of the premises.

Public Law

Representation vis-à-vis authorities; conducting public-law complaints proceedings; advising public bodies on all issues related to constitutional and administrative law (managing the external legal department of public bodies); issues of public and private personnel law; data protection law, oversight regarding procedural issues; expropriation law; public procurement law.

Procedural Law

Advising and representing private individuals, companies and associations, mainly in the areas of civil, administrative, and criminal proceedings; Advising and representing clients in pre-trial dispute resolution, including assuming the negotiating assignment.


Assumption of assignments as arbitrator in all property and other legal areas (above all, in commercial and contract law, as well as in real estate and construction law); managing secretariats of arbitration tribunals; advising and representing clients before arbitration tribunals.

Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Law

Claim collection; advising and representing clients on all issues related to insolvency law, including the law of financial restructuring; assuming assignments as an auxiliary person, special bankruptcy administrations, custodianships, membership in creditor committees, etc.; all issues related to restructurings, liquidation assignments; advising and representing clients in sequestration, enforcement, composition and bankruptcy proceedings.

Liability and Insurance Law

Enforcing or defending against, as applicable, all liability claims (non-contractual liability, contractual liability, liability under stock corporation law, product liability); advising and representing clients on social security issues (daily allowances, annuities, accident and disability insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.).

Criminal Law

Advising and representing clients on all issues related to criminal proceedings (criminal defense proceedings, filing reports, victim support law, etc.), primarily in commercial criminal law.

Computing, IT, Internet and Software Law

Advising clients and drafting contracts in all areas of IT law, e-business, software, maintenance and licensing law; domain name disputes.

International Law

Advising clients in the area of conflict of laws and international enforcement law; international trade and contract law; international mutual legal assistance.

Intellectual Property Law

Advising and representing clients in all matters related to trademark and design law, as well as copyright law.

Antitrust Law

Advising and representing clients in all facets of the law on fair trading practices and antitrust law.

Sports Law

Advising and representing athletes, sponsors, associations and federations. Advising event organizers.

Association Secretariats, Management Assignments

Assuming management assignments and managing association secretariats.

Expert and Lecturer Activities

Performing activities as experts and lecturers.